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Spellground DarkMages Collaboration Playmat - White

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Conceived and conspired in the depths of madness...

The wizards from two great schools of gaming, Khalsa Brain Games and Players Choice, bring forth this brand new DarkMages playmat! Magic springs forth from our heroes, battling draconic dark forces in the center.

Printed on our NEWEST V7 Laser Cut fabric, this large mat feels like suede and will treat your cards to the best protection against dirty gaming tables! This playmat is not rubber-backed, it is completely fabric, and the print is so sharp! Better pictures coming soon. While both DarkMages are LIGHT in color... this is the WHITE mat! See the BEIGE version here!

  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 24"
  • SKU: PCA361
  • Barcode: 0703558840288