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Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy Volume 1 Expansion Box

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Expand the Granblue Fantasy characters available to your Japanime Tactics game. You will receive an expansion box containing 12 expansion packs with a random character and associated cards, as well as a sticker sheet so you can label the packs with the character inside for easy storage and organization. This item is for a box of Volume 1 Expansion Packs (12 packs total) - purchasing a full box guarantees you a full set of 12 characters from this expansion.

Characters included in this expansion are Sturm, Drang, Zeta, Vaseraga, Beatrix, Eustace, Ilsa, Sandalphon, Lucio, Lowain, Vania and Zooey

Each expansion box includes:

  • 12 expansion packs
  • 1 sticker sheet