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Japanime Games

Fairy Garden - Foil Card Set

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Beautifully foiled versions of Fairy Garden princesses and support cards and more includes:

  • Gentleman Farmer Nichols (standard and alternate art)
  • Ohka (standard and alternate art)
  • Anastasia (standard and alternate art)
  • Fairy Princess Elrune
  • Fairy Queen Elrune
  • Oasis City Nefertiti
  • Princess Emshiele
  • Princess Ru Li
  • Head Maid Kurona
  • Imperial Diet
  • Tactician Shao Lin
  • Connected Businessman William
  • St. Lumoi Cathedral
  • The Late Emperor Hellard's Scepter
  • Archwitch Aurora
  • Imperial Library of Magic
  • Imperial Treasure Vault