Press Release - The Power of the Fae Now Accessible with Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden on Kickstarter!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 3rd, 2018 - Japanime Games' latest project Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden was funded on Kickstarter on April 4th for $20,000 in under 12 hours after launch! Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden is a deck building card game where players nominate and support a princess in a race to take the throne! It will be available through retail in December 2018 after Kickstarter shipments are sent to backers. Japanime Games is also looking to produce the last two expansions in the series, Six City Alliance & Path Before Heaven. Backers who pledge for these expansions will receive them 3-6 months before they are officially released to retail. Late backers will be able to place their pledge through Pledge Manager after the campaign ends on April 19th, 2018.

Coming in December 2018, Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden is a stand-alone expansion to the Heart of Crown base game that includes everything needed to play Heart of Crown. This first set in this new block introduces 30 new Common Cards (150 total) that can be mixed with the Heart of Crown base game or any of the expansions. It also includes the additional components needed for the mechanics on these new cards, and 87 tokens, 35 of which are new. This makes Fairy Garden great for fans both new and old! With the completion of this series, there will be 10 Princesses available to support.

The Heart of Crown series is a deck building card game about an epic struggle over Imperial succession! Each player starts with the same deck, but over the course of the game, players build up their deck with the aim of achieving ultimate victory: getting their princess to the throne. By raising taxes from their territories, players acquire more land and followers to make their deck stronger. When their deck is strong enough, it's time to back a princess. She'll come to their aid with her unique ability. However, when it comes to backing princesses, it's first-come, first-served. Players have to act before their rivals claim their favorite princess!


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