Press Release - Granblue Fantasy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Japanime Games is proud to announce that we have partnered with Lynnvander Studios Inc. to create a new line of products using various anime and game intellectual properties under a system we're calling Japanime Tactics. We will be collaborating with Granblue Fantasy by Cygames, Inc. for the initial launch of this new product line.

Japanime Tactics will initially launch with Granblue Fantasy by Cygames as its flagship intellectual property for this new product line.

Japanime Tactics will feature modular terrain boards, premium acrylic character standees, and gameplay centered around hand management with cards associated with their favorite Anime characters. As more Anime IPs are approved, they'll be added to the product line.

Japanime Games will work closely with Lynnvander Studios Inc. to create an ongoing, expandable experience around the Japanime Tactics system. Eric Price, president of Japanime Games, said “Japanime Tactics is the dream game I always wanted to create. With deep, tactical gameplay, Japanime Tactics has a wide range of play styles available to players right out of the box!” Japanime Games knows this game system has an expansive field of design space to accurately bring your favorite characters into the arena. Thomas Gofton, of Lynnvander Studios Inc., has this to say about the collaboration: "It's been a pleasure celebrating game culture with Japanime for years at conventions around the world. Alongside an established friendship, Lynnvander is more than enthusiastic to bring a long-overdue working relationship to your gaming table!" 

The initial launch will feature two distinct character sets from Granblue Fantasy in addition to 12 expansion characters available in booster box displays. Each booster box will contain 12 unique characters and a singular booster box will give players all 12 expansion characters. Each booster has a chance to include premium foiled cards that do not impact gameplay beyond appearance.

Japanime Tactics was inspired by a love of Final Fantasy Tactics and other turn-based tactical JRPGs that helped to make such a great, creative game style. To capture that essence, Japanime Tactics needed to be less of a game in its own right, but rather a system with which other IPs could neatly rest and be used to combat an opponent. Japanime Tactics will feature a robust 1v1 skirmish-style gameplay centered around modular terrain boards and a set of basic objectives. Each player will field up to four characters per team to see which team comes out on top! In the near future, these teams could even be comprised of characters from multiple IPs to make your own personal dream team!

About Japanime Games: Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It's our goal to import and translate the best of the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Our games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with the engaging gameplay and quality components. We are committed to great customer service and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. For more information about Japanime Games, see


About Lynnvander Studios Inc.: Lynnvander Studios Inc. is a Canadian-based company enhancing existing and developing new creative properties for clients worldwide. Founded in 2015 by Thomas M Gofton and Josh Derksen, Lynnvander is responsible for “The Chronicle System” as well as projects in board game design including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Evil Dead 2, Cowboy Bebop: Board Game Boogie, Dragon Ball Z: The Board Game Saga, Star Trek Attack Wing: The Alliance System, Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance, Super Camelot, Shadowrun Sprawl Ops, Reanimator, Red Sonja, Captain Canuck and their own Legacy Line. They are currently designing games for some of the most remarkable intellectual properties in the world including Army of Darkness, Naruto Shippuden, World of Darkness and Divinity. 

Lynnvander works with numerous publishers around the world including Funko, Wizkids, IDW, Topps Entertainment, River Horse Entertainment, Jasco Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Norse Foundry Publishing, Japanime Games and Dynamite Entertainment. 

  About Cygames, Inc.: Cygames, Inc. is an acclaimed developer of popular mobile and computer games. Formed in May 2011, Cygames has risen rapidly to become one of the biggest names in Japanese video games. 

The company started out making mobile games, including Rage of Bahamut, which was one of the first Japanese card battle games to make inroads into international markets; Granblue Fantasy, which remains one of Japan’s best-loved RPGs and boasts art and sound from industry veterans, and Shadowverse, which is one of Japan’s leading esports titles with an annual World Grand Prix that offers a first prize of one million US dollars.

The success of its titles has allowed Cygames to expand into other media, including but not limited to anime, manga, and merchandise. Following the successful release of Granblue Fantasy: Versus, the company is currently developing console titles including Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Shadowverse: Champions Battle and Project Awakening.

For more information about Cygames, Inc., please see