Press Release - Defend the Universe with Three New Robotech Games!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 14, 2018 – Japanime Games has allied with Strange Machine Games, Escape Velocity Games and Harmony Gold to defend the universe from the Zentraedi with a new series of Robotech Titles!

Strange Machine Games and Escape Velocity Games, in partnership with Harmony Gold, are excited to announce worldwide distribution of three new Robotech titles through Japanime Games, beginning in June of 2018. Each of these titles requires a different set of skills in order to take down the invading Zentraedi forces.

  • Robotech: Ace Pilot is a competitive dice game for 2-4 players in which they will vie for the esteemed title of Ace Pilot. Each turn, players must evaluate the enemy threat, then attempt to recruit the best SDF-1 crew member for the job, collecting their kills as they succeed. Along the way players gather key upgrades and thwart their friends in an attempt to gain the title of Ace Pilot. Robotech: Ace Pilot is recommended for ages 8+ and playtime takes 25 minutes. Estimated release is June 2018. For more information, see

  • Robotech: Attack On The SDF-1 is cooperative board game for 1-5 players who each take on the role of a heroic character from the venerable Super Dimension Fortress One, also known as the SDF-1. It is the player’s duty to defend the SDF-1 against continuous waves of Zentraedi attacks, unexpected disasters and treachery. As heroes, players will be forced to battle vicious enemies, repair damage, and manage resources. Tough decisions and sacrifices will be required for players complete their objectives and reach home safely. Attack on the SDF-1 is a great addition to game night, or to play solo! Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1 is recommended for ages 12+ and playtime takes 120 minutes per scenario. Estimated release is August 2018. For more information, see

  • Robotech: Brace for Impact is a real time cooperative game for 2-10+ players from Escape Velocity Games. Players must work together as the Officers aboard the SDF-1 while one player takes on the role of the dreaded Zentraedi, assaulting the other players. Players each have a hand of cards representing problems that need to be solved. However, they must work with at least one other crew member to complete their actions. The timer is ticking and players must begin to fix their ship and return fire immediately. At the same time, the Zentraedi player will be using tactics cards from their hand, attacking with their fleet, and trying to take down the SDF-1. Can you survive the final 10 minutes of this intense firefight and save humanity? Robotech: Brace for Impact is recommended for ages 10+ and playtime is 10 minutes. Estimated release is Summer 2018. For more information, see

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