Press Release - Butlers, Couples and Romantic Turmoil are coming in Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 3, 2017 – Japanime Games will launch a Kickstarter in August 2017 for the highly anticipated release of Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance, which will include Butlers, Mingling Cards, Couples and exciting new interactive game mechanics. Romantic relationships and turmoil in Winter Romance have added an exciting new layer of player interaction to this widely loved deck building card game. Japanime Games is also proud to note that couples can be created in any combination of sexes.

Japanime Games and their partners at Arclight Games are working to produce Stretch Goals that will include new promos cards and exciting game enhancing goodies! They will also release a variety of exclusive Add-Ons and accessories throughout the campaign. Internationally Friendly shipping will be available, and Japanime Games is excited to announce that there will be special Retailer and Distributor friendly options available.

President of Japanime Games Eric Price is quoted as saying “Japanime Games is excited to offer this new and highly interactive edition of Tanto Cuore to our dedicated fans!”