New Games Incoming 2020

Japanime Games is excited to announce three new, upcoming games for the future. Japanime Games will be releasing Ramen! Ramen!The Last Brave, and Granblue Fantasy using the Japanime Tactics system! All three games will be released directly and be available through Japanime Games' standard sales channels via direct, retail, and distribution. Today, we're going to talk and show off aspects of each project based on where it currently is in development.

Ramen! Ramen! is an entirely new game focused on accumulating the most points by making the best dishes. 1-4 players have managed to become line chefs at one of the best ramen shops around! Players will add ingredients to the ramen bowls waiting to be served, trying to build the highest point count before serving, while trying to avoid giving their opponent an opportunity to steal the points! The chef that ends up serving the best bowls will walk away with all the tips for the night, so you better be ready to engage in a game all about soupy-subversion.

Next, Japanime Games has brought The Last Brave from Japan to you! The Last Brave is the latest game from Seiji Kanai, creator of the game Love Letter, and originally published by DELiGHTWORKS! in Japan, the creators of the very popular Fate Grand Order mobile game. As a group of 3-7 heroes, you are fighting to survive! The game has two different rule sets out of the box. One focuses on team play with a focus on hidden identities while the other game mode is a battle royale focusing on being the last player standing. Each round you'll be dealt a player card, an element, a weapon, and a class. You'll defeat other players by attacking them, but you'll need to reveal your cards at the right time to win! Both game modes are competitive, but don't let uncertainty prevent your victory! Charge on and become The Last Brave!

Both Ramen! Ramen! and The Last Brave are entering production and are expected to become available around November 2020. Japanime Tactics is finishing approval processes and working toward production status but is currently available to playtest for those interested in Team Japanime.

Finally, Japanime Tactics is a new game system we have developed that will allow you to pit your favorite anime-styled IPs against one another. Launching with Granblue Fantasy as the first partnered IP, Japanime Tactics will pit 2 players against one another with teams of 4 characters to battle it out in a skirmish-style competitive game. Players will utilize characters and cards associated with those characters to obtain the victory point goal or eliminate their opponent. While Japanime Tactics will launch with Granblue Fantasythere are several other IPs that we are tying into this system, and they will be announced in the near future.