Japanime Games: Rocketeering!

Japanime Games: Rocketeering!

Japanime Games had more success than it possibly could have imagined in 2020. With such a successful year, Eric Price has decided to follow in the air-walk footsteps of other famous billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Guy Fieri...and start a new Rocketship company! We are exceptionally proud to announce our newest division of the company: JAPANIME ROCKETERING! Our Motto is: “It’s actually rocket science? We’ve seen enough Space Anime.”

Silver Rocket Clock, Checkered Red-White Rocket, Small Silver Rocket

Eric has always been a lover of rockets and space. Sporting a collection of many different rockets, Eric has always been most fond of the Tintin rocket and went about Japanime Rocketeering’s first tasks was to emulate this exact design and get it to space. Newly promoted Warehouse crew Brad and Chris, now Chief Rocket Engineers, set out work in secret many months ago to finalize this project. Their efforts to keep this project secret, thankfully, were not in vain.

As the company has grown, it only made sense that all existing employees received similar promotions. While there was heavy debate on what the first rocket ship might look like, please enjoy our highly accurate, hi-res imagery from the launch site. As we worked in secret, such images were hard to take unhindered for fear of exposing our progress before we were ready.

Checkered Red-White ROcket on Barbeque

As the company has grown and needed new positions filled, current positions have changed. We are pleased to announce that Heather, our wonderful and amazing Chief Operations Manager,  will be receiving a promotion to Head of Mission Control. “Honestly, it was about time for that and us going to the moon. All that was going on in my house was ‘to the moon’ this, and ‘gamestonk’ that. One thing led to another and we’re going to the moon. How else do we do Tanto in Space justice?”

Jackson Wood, previously our Marketing and Events Coordinator, among other things, wanted to be more adventurous. Last we saw Jackson was this morning on launch day as he climbed into the rocket. He had a wild grin on his face and before he closed the door he said “See ya, Space Cowboys.” before the countdown timer for the rocket launch suddenly began. A solid forty-two minutes later, that rocket was cleared for liftoff and carried its majestic Japanime colored fuselage through the clouds and into the inky blackness of space.

Rocket Blast Off

“Today is a momentous day for Japanime Games and Japanime Rocketeering” says Eric Price, “I am proud of my team for this moment. Now if you’ll excuse me, it turns out that Jackson accidentally flew the rocket off course... when he tried to drink his chocolate milk after takeoff. I...need to find a new Marketing Manager.”

Rocket in Space