Meet our artists

We are always happy to work with artists from around the world when creating our games. We know there has been lots of discussion about AI-generated art and its use. Although we love playing with the art-generating tools, we do not use them in our titles. We also love showing off the artists that we work with!!! You're encouraged to visit their websites and portfolios, linked below. They're wonderful to work with!

Indy K has a promo card coming out soon for Patrons!

Eveen Kwan has worked with us multiple times and we love her work each time! You can see her pieces in Love Formula, and she has done several of Akiko's pictures!

Nathaniel Park created the Father Time piece featured on the Patreon promo mailed out in January 2023.

Mark Standbrook created the adorably off-center Mary Christmas promo that Patrons received in December 2022.

Adam Sward did the linework on the Spellground playmats we coordinated on, as well as some upcoming promo cards and another project that we haven't announced yet!

Yarro Studios created a map for an upcoming licensed game and does some amazing battlemaps for all kinds of games!