Cause Marketing - Player's Choice Sleeves

Japanime Games and Player's Choice are sister companies in the world of tabletop games. Our products are often an intersectionality between gaming and anime, with most of our games originally coming from Japan. With the events of 2019 leading into 2020, Japanime Games leadership began to investigate new programs to better represent the goals of the company as a whole. To that end, Japanime Games will be launching new Cause Marketing initiatives in 2021.

Last year, while many suffered, Japanime Games found itself in a fortunate position of growth, as expenses were down, and sales were up. For this reason, Japanime Games’ President, Eric Price, decided to make several donations to organizations that were important to himself and staff. HRC, The Trevor Project, the ACLU, among several local organizations were among those Japanime Games donated. The reasons we donate to these causes are often personal, but the goals of these organizations align with our own. To that end, Japanime Games has sought a more lasting, ongoing connection between our company and these causes made more sense.

Japanime Games has produced two new card sleeves in the same pink and blue represented by the Transgender Pride Flag. We will donate $1 per sale for both sleeve lines, however, each will be dedicated to a different organization. Japanime Games will be partnering with The Trevor Project for our new Power Pink donations as well as National Center for Transgender Equality for our new Powder Blue donations. Japanime Games’ goal was to align with organizations that focused on support and civil rights initiatives to the underrepresented groups they seek to provide additional aid.

Our intent and contract for these particular cause marketing campaigns are set for the duration of the year 2021. These brand new colors are available now at We will continue to donate $1 for every pack sold in 2021 with the goal to continue such cause marketing campaigns as other products make sense to tie to other causes.

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