About us

My name is Eric Price, and I’m the Owner, President and Commander-In-Chief of Japanime Games. My history in the gaming industry dates all the way back to 1992 when I owned a comic book store in the Seattle area. When Magic: The Gathering was released in 1993, I shifted to card games, which led to years of buying and selling Magic, Pokémon, and even Yu-Gi-Oh! cards throughout the US and Japan, through my retail company, Cardhaus Games. 

Years later, at a dinner meeting on one of my many trips to Japan, Mr. Fukomoto of Arclight Games asked me if I would be interested in producing an English language edition of his card game, Tanto Cuore. I had no plans at this time to publish games; it seemed like a lot of work to me.

When I got back home from that trip, I asked many of my friends what they thought about a card game about maids. The response was very mixed, to say the least! I thought about it quite a lot, and decided to go for it! It turns out that we enjoy playing with Japanese maids; the theme is different, but most importantly, the game itself is really fun, well-designed and balanced, and the art is absolutely amazing.

This was the beginning of Japanime Games.