Press Release - We Welcome Our New Marketing Manager!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Japanime Games is excited to announce the inclusion of Jackson Wood to our team as our new Marketing Manager. Jackson is excited to join the team while bringing his particular blend of skills and talents to use for the company. Jackson started his career in the gaming industry by owning a store in Boulder, Colorado. In 2016, he transitioned to the manufacturing side of the industry where he took his first truly catalyzing journey marketing for games with an international audience with Privateer Press located in Bellevue, Washington. He has since written articles for Geek and Sundry focused on the gaming industry as a whole. “It's been an amazing ride to get here. I'm excited to have found my home with Japanime Games” says Jackson Wood. Jackson utilizes an out-of-the-box, experience focused approach built upon the foundations of passion when approaching projects and he's overjoyed to bring everything he has to match Japanime Games' fan base own passions.

Japanime Games is dedicated to improving and providing a better service to our fans, Distribution, and Retail partners. Building on the Japanime Partner Store program, Jackson plans to look toward new and exciting ways to invigorate our volunteer program and store initiatives. Having owned his own store, Jackson is familiar with obstacles stores experience and aims to make hosting Japanime Games products and educating prospective customers easier than it has been in the past. Additionally, we will be focusing on Team Japanime in the coming months. We will be looking at ways to strengthen in store demos and more. For more information about the Japanime Partner Store Program or our Volunteer Program, please contact Jackson at

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