The Domina Anthology 2: Now on Kickstarter!

The Domina Anthology 2: Now on Kickstarter!

Japanime Games’ newest Kickstarter is live today, running from June 8 to June 23. The Domina 2 Anthology is a followup on our successful Domina Anthology campaign in June 2020. 

The new anthology features three titles produced by Domina Games and published in English by Japanime Games. The series’ is famous for its gorgeous, anime-gothic style art and “Worlds of Mystery” - each game plays differently, but all use cards, tokens, and meeples with players attempting to accomplish a goal, whether it’s buying safe passage off a sinking island in Pralaya or discovering the secrets of a dream world in Miraris. 

The Domina Anthology 2 Kickstarter campaign focuses on three new games, available together in an elegant slipcase, or sold separately - as well as playmats, card sleeves, and other accessories. 


3-7 Players. 10-20 Min. Originally published in 2014 in Japanese.

Sol, Luna, and Polaris: these are the Celestials you look to for omens that fortell the future. Use astrology to predict which Celestial will be the next to rise and exert its Power over the others. If what you divine truly comes to pass, your foresight will earn you Chaldea's support.


1-4 Players. 15-60 Min. First published December 2019 in Japanese. 

Explore the Castles and bring back the Fairy Tales hidden within. Recovering Fairy Tales and rescuing fairies will earn you victory points. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner. But be warned - the Castles are filled with dangerous foes. To win, you will need to discern when to use your fairies' powers, when to rest, and above all, where the line between heroic and foolhardy lies.

Night Clan

2-4 Players. 10-20 Min. First published 2016 in Japanese. Published in English in 2020 by Japanime Games. 

Players will hide their Daughters and Riches in Locations around the town of Bergen to protect them from a fearsome Troll. Drive off the Troll using the Mistletoe card, or slip away by making use of the Night Watch cards. The player who best protects their Daughters and Riches will earn the most points and win the game. Although originally published by Japanime Games in English in 2020, it has been redesigned for this anthology.